Ice Eagles:

American Aviation in Antarctica

"Flying in Antarctica is the most dangerous flying outside of combat."

That is how Admiral George Dufek greeted the aviators of Navy Squadron VX-6 in the early years of Operation Deep Freeze, 1955-59. Antarctica is the harshest environment on earth. That reality has faced every American aviator since the first Byrd Expedition in 1928-30. The entire saga of American aviation on The Ice has not been told until now. This is a story of courage, dedication, tragedy and triumph.

“Ice Eagles” is a documentary film covering the history of U.S. aviation in Antarctica including Admiral Byrd’s first three expeditions (1928-30, 1933-35, 1939-41), the U.S. Antarctic Service Expedition (1939-41), Operation Highjump (1946-47), the Ronne Antarctic Research Expedition (1946-48), Operation Windmill (1947-48), and Operation Deep Freeze (1955-present) including the present day operations of the 109th Airlift Wing of the New York Air National Guard.

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