Ice Eagles:

American Aviation in Antarctica

"Flying in Antarctica is the most dangerous flying outside of combat."

That is how Admiral George Dufek greeted the aviators of Navy Squadron VX-6 in the early years of Operation Deep Freeze, 1955-59. Antarctica is the harshest environment on earth. That reality has faced every American aviator since the first Byrd Expedition in 1928-30. The entire saga of American aviation on The Ice has not been told until now. This is a story of courage, dedication, tragedy and triumph.

“Ice Eagles” is a documentary film covering the history of U.S. aviation in Antarctica including Admiral Byrd’s first three expeditions (1928-30, 1933-35, 1939-41), the U.S. Antarctic Service Expedition (1939-41), Operation Highjump (1946-47), the Ronne Antarctic Research Expedition (1946-48), Operation Windmill (1947-48), and Operation Deep Freeze (1955-present) including the present day operations of the 109th Airlift Wing of the New York Air National Guard.

"What an outstanding job you have done putting this together. I enjoyed the entire presentation.” -
William (Bill) H. Highlands (CWO4 USN Ret)

 "I was captivated, couldn't turn away from the TV for the entire two hours or so. Excellent work! It’s got to be the best and most complete documentary of the Antarctic ever." – Col. Richard Saburro USAF (Ret.)

“We were spellbound!  We learned so much about aviation in the Antarctic that we never knew before.” – Jim and Carolyn Speed

NOTE: "Ice Eagles" is now being marketed by Passion River. Consequently, I am no longer selling this film directly through my website. For more information on how to obtain either a DVD or Bluray copy, contact Tom Henderson at