The Last Man

This is the story of one of the last two living members of the 1939-41 United States Antarctic Service Expedition, Byrd's third expedition to Antarctica. Anthony Wayne served aboard the USS Bear, Byrd's flagship for the journey. He had the foresight to take a movie camera with him and preserved that film in the subsequent years. That film comprises a good share of this documentary, including rare footage of the famous Snow Cruiser built especially for this expedition. Combined with photos from his life and photos taken by the U.S. Navy, There was a wealth of material for this presentation.

NOTE: After this video biography was completed, it came to light that one other member of the 1939-41 USASE is still living: Robert R. Johnson. Mr Johnson was a U.S. Navy Coxswain aboard the USS Bear. His story is told in "Boats." To see his video biography click HERE


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